A perfect combination of happiness and fashion 🌻

A perfect combination of happiness and fashion 🌻

Pauline, the mind behind the blog Popshion, is a girl full of inspiration and energy. She loves fashion, communicating with people and traveling. On her blog you can find articles about her favorite places in New York, her outfits and her essentials for traveling. Pauline uses Tradono to sell the clothes she is not wearing anymore and she loves when she can give them to someone else and make another person a new happy owner.

We decided to get to know her better. And yes, we did not get disappointed at all! 😊


Who is Pauline?

I am impatient and ambitious. I am also quite perfectionist, and this can be sometimes a bit negative. I would say I am not the most organised person but I can get very obsessed with details, especially when it’s about my blog! I invest a lot of time and energy in it, so I want to make sure I get a result that satisfies and motivates me even further.

What do you do besides blogging?

I am enrolled in the “Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion” in Yverdon (HEIG-VD) where I am accomplishing a Bachelor in management. It’s a bit economics oriented but I also take some classes in marketing and communication, and this has taught me a lot also in regards to my blog.

How did Popshion start?

My interest for blogs started in 2012. I discovered Lookbook, a platform where people can post pictures of their looks and outfits and then get comments and likes from other users. One day I came across a picture of Kristina Bazan. I got intrigued so I did some more researches and found out she had a blog. That’s when I said to myself “Wow this is amazing, she shares what she likes and she does it so well”. This motivated me to start my own blog. I looked for a name and I asked my two brothers to help me a bit with the technical part. In the beginning I was still a bit shy and I was not really talking openly about it. Maybe I was too young and not so self-confident. I stopped it in 2013, but then started it again two years later. Today I have a much better understanding of it and I know where I am going.

Why did you choose this name?

Since I am a little kid everybody calls me Popo, so I thought it could be funny to use this name for my blog as well. But I also wanted to integrate the concept of fashion and that’s why I went for Popshion. I think this name represents me quite good.


On your blog you talk about fashion, travels, and beauty. Do you have any beauty hacks you use during your daily routine or before special events?

I had a lot of problems with my eyebrows when I was younger. I unfortunately overdid with the tweezer. So in order to make them grow again, I only have one magic trick: castor oil. I apply it on my eyebrows several times during the week, usually in the evening. It took some time but it really worked!
Another beauty tips is almond oil against dark rings. Before this I tried some non-natural remedies but they did not work and at the same time it was quite expensive. I apply the almond oil before I go to sleep. If you manage to be constant with this routine, it really pays off.


Which country you visited has inspired you the most?

I traveled a lot when I was little, with my family. Unfortunately, I don’t remember so much about those trips. But recently I got really impressed by New York City. I took an internship there in order to be admitted to my current school and after that time I stayed two more months to improve my English. Everything there is big, dynamic, it’s impossible to get bored and the energy around is just amazing.

Would you like to live in a different country one day?

Yes, it’s one of my dreams. Maybe not all my life, but once I am done with my studies, I’d like to go abroad. I would love to move to the US because I had already a taste of it and I really like it, but I am also open to other destinations.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?

I find very often inspiration from other blogs. But in general I just wear what I really like. I don’t like to follow ugly trends just because it’s cool at the moment. My biggest inspiration is actually my current mood and the weather as well. I also find inspiration in what I see on the street or in the shops. Most of all, I like to play with fashion. If you have fun at doing something, the result will be always good.


Do you like secondhand and vintage fashion?

I was recently in Zurich and came across a shop specialised in luxury secondhand fashion. I could not believe my eyes: after years wishing for them, I finally found a pair of Balenciaga shoes. I actually never thought I would buy secondhand shoes, but they were kept in very good conditions. I brought them to a shoemaker and just asked him to change the soles.

What’s your favorite piece of fashion or design?

Now I really think it will be these new amazing shoes! 😍 Otherwise I really like my black bag from the brand Coach. I always manage to match it with everything. In general I am a big fan of bags (not necessary branded), and then I also love shoes. Unfortunately, in Switzerland there isn’t a great choice and this makes me feel disappointed sometimes.  


How did your style evolve during the years?

I think I might have changed my style during the years, but I definitely did not change my mindset. I always wear only what I like and what is in line with my mood. Sometimes I feel a bit darker, sometimes I realise it’s time to add some color. At the moment I think I need more colourful pieces because I have the feeling I am only wearing black. I also think I grew up and my style is more mature today. There are some pieces I would not wear anymore because even if I am still young they just do not match with my age and my personality any more.

What’s your biggest dream for the future?

Well, first I hope to find out what I really want to be! 😄
But in general I would like to do something I like and that my blog could grow a bit more. My goal is not to have millions of fans or visits, but I would be really happy if more and more people would be interested in what I write and share. In the end, this is what makes me happy.

Eine perfekte Kombination aus Glück und Mode 🌻

Eine perfekte Kombination aus Glück und Mode 🌻

A bag for every occasion 😍

A bag for every occasion 😍