Sell with security - free of charge!

Sell with security - free of charge!

TradonoPay is from this day and all days forth your new best friend! A safe and secure friend. When trading with TradonoPay you will never have to worry about the buyers' credibility, or if you will ever receive the payment.   

Your security when trading

As a seller, you want to make sure that you get your money before sending the package, and get support if the buyer claims to not have received the item you sent. TradonoPay holds the money from the buyer in safe hands before the watch, chair or shirt is delivered safely. When the buyer marks the item as ”received”, the payment will be transferred from TradonoPay to your account. If the buyer claims to not have received the package, and you have a package receipt - support will make sure, that you don't have to pay back the money to the buyer. With TradonoPay you will never be alone in a trade again. And to add a cherry on top: TradonoPay is free of charge for the seller!  


Use TradonoPay - also when meeting with the buyer in person

When you are about to meet the buyer of your item, it is still relevant for you to use TradonoPay. Why is that? TradonoPay is your security in every trade, because it ensures that the buyer sticks to the deal.


Support all the way

If you have any questions or are in need of help or guidance throughout the trade, Tradono's support team is ready to assist you in a twinkling of an eye. When the trade is made through TradonoPay, potential problems or issues will be solved by our support team. Register for TradonoPay right now and trade securely. 

Would you like to know more regarding TradonoPay – then read our detailed guide here:

How TradonoPay works

  1. Buyer makes an offer with TradonoPay
    It is now up to the seller to accept, counter or decline.
  2. Seller accepts
    The deal is now sealed and legally binding.
  3. The buyer pays with TradonoPay
    The money is sent to Tradono, and we look after it while the deal is ongoing, until the item is marked as received.
  4. In case of problems
    When buying with TradonoPay, both the seller and buyer can contact support. Thereafter the money transfer will be paused for up to 30 days. In the meantime Tradono Support will look into the case. So Tradono works as a safe middle man in the deal. If you have general questions we recommend that you don't push "problem" but instead feel free to contact support at
  5. The item is sent or picked up
    If everything goes according to plan, you have 14 days to complete the deal. As a seller, if you are sending the item be sure to obtain a postal certificate as a proof of shipping(!).
  6. The item is in the buyers' hands
    Once the buyer receives the item, he or she marks it as "item received".
  7. Tradono transfers the money to seller
    Once the buyer approves the item (or after 14 days), Tradono transfers the money to the seller. Safe and easy. Be aware that it can take a while before the money is in your account. Especially first time users will experience some waiting time. This is becaouse our payment provider needs to validate your information and credit standing.


Why is Tradono not free of charge for the buyer?

Tradono will always be free to use, but if a user wishes to use our safe payment it will cost the buyer 10% of the item price (and minimum 1CHF). This safety fee covers refund losses and return postage, development costs, fees to payment partners, extra support staff etc.

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