From the US to Switzerland: a chat with the blogger Krystal ✨

From the US to Switzerland: a chat with the blogger Krystal ✨

In 2009 she started her blog, where she talks about fashion, design, culture and much more.  Krystal is American, but has been living in Lucerne for 6 years. We fell in love with her minimalist, light and almost poetic sense for fashion and photography (which you can also find on her Instagram account). So it was about time to get to know her better...


To start with, three characteristics that describe Krystal…

Open minded, extroverted introvert, intuitive.


You are American, but currently live in Lucerne, Switzerland. How did both cultures influence your life and your mindset?

Great question and difficult to answer because it’s always ongoing. I think that since America was and is my home, I had a much greater sense of freedom and comfort there. I knew the systems, the society, the norms and I knew what was possible. On the other hand, I grew up with and entered adulthood with kind of the American blue print in my mind (college-marriage-house-kids-etc) which looking back - was really limiting. Moving to Europe was already a big step out of my comfort level and anytime you step out of that, growth occurs - but living in Switzerland now for 6 years (and so close to so many different cultures) has really opened my mind to other ways of living and ideas for life. There seems to be no blue print - people are much freer and open minded usually - and doing so many different things! Being able to travel so much around Europe and beyond has been enriching of course also. By having to integrate in to another culture I've also learned a lot about myself.


What’s the place where you really feel at home?

Definitely my flat. Since I moved in a year ago I took the time to surround myself with the things I love and it’s such a relaxing feeling to walk in to. But also London popped in to my head, even though I've only been there once, haha!


What do you like about Lucerne, and more in general about Switzerland?

I think that Lucerne is probably one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. I might be biased, but every morning on the way to the train station as I pass the river/lake I feel like a) I'm on vacation and b) incredulous that I live here. Also, I love that it’s a small city but can feel big. I love that I can get to anywhere in the city in 5-10 minutes! I love that Switzerland runs so smoothly, it’s dependable, clean and there's always a schoggibrot nearby - I always breathe a sigh of relief when I'm back within the borders 😀


What made you choose to start blogging?

Boredom! I started blogging in 2009 when I moved to Switzerland and didn't work for a year. I kept finding cool things on the internet and wanting to share them and Village was born (I also lived in a village at that time). Getting in to the blogging culture was so fun back then, when it was just blooming. I don't get to do it as much now with working full time - but I plan to rebrand soon and looking forward to getting back!


Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?

I think my interest in clothes began with moving to Europe and seeing new styles and also browsing Pinterest! I've since discovered that I like to be a tiny bit trendy/modern but with some kind of unique twist - even if it’s a small detail. I think that's why I so much love flohmarkts, broki's, vintage shops and Tradono! 😊 Sometimes you can find some beautiful article of clothing or unique fun accessory to make a look interesting. In general, though, I try to only buy things that I really love or that make me feel good.

What’s your favorite piece of fashion or design?

My favorite piece of design/art is this framed work called "Stella's Dilemma" by Johannes Gachnang which hangs over my bed. I found it at the Caritas! It caught my eye but I went home without it but couldn't stop thinking about it - so I went back to buy it (very expensive purchase for a thrift store!). Anyway, it turns out he was a Swiss artist, architect and museum director from Bern - so I feel like I found something pretty special 💘

How did your style evolve during the years?

I think that in the past few years as I've read more and more about what is behind "fast fashion" I am more and more turned off by it. Ok, I still am buying it sometimes, but more and more I turn to economically friendly fashion or second hand. I think a lot of that has to do with maturing in general and being more and more comfortable in my own skin and with my own style - but there is an outstanding case for conserving resources, buying secondhand and supporting local brands, etc. And thanks to Tradono for bringing secondhand mobile in Switzerland now!


What’s your biggest dream for the future?

I want to open my own store. I never stop thinking about it so am always working behind the scenes on it. It would be a fun blend of art, accessories, modern and second hand.

Sommertanz! 💃🏼

Sommertanz! 💃🏼

 Aus den USA in die Schweiz: ein Treffen mit der Bloggerin Krystal ✨

Aus den USA in die Schweiz: ein Treffen mit der Bloggerin Krystal ✨