Tradono presents TRADONOCLUB ✨🎉

Tradono presents TRADONOCLUB ✨🎉

TradonoClub is the newest kid on the Tradono-block 👼🏽

Do you want to sell faster and save money at the same time? Then TradonoClub will definitely be something for you. With TradonoClub you'll get a bunch of the best advantages, making it even better to be a Tradonee.


Get seen, sell faster and stand out 🙋🏼

As a member of TradonoClub your shop will get highlighted in other Tradonees' Suggested Follows feed, meaning more people will visit your shop - and it might fire up your sale! 🔥

You'll also get the opportunity to make your shop personal, so you can distinguish yourself from the crowd. You can ad a cover photo, profile text and other users can see for how long you have been a Tradonee and how many trades you have made in that time. It gives you credibility☝🏽

*Psst* Credibility can increase your chance of selling even more 💰

Buckets of boosters and discount on TradonoPay 🔒

With TradonoClub you'll get 10 free boosters per week - and if that isn't enough, we are giving you up to 50% off all booster packages. You can even also save 50% on TradonoPay as a buyer, when you shop safely.   

*Psst* boosted listings get twice as many views as other listings  👀

Ads ads ads 🙀

Yes, Tradono is now posting ads in the app! Maybe you haven't even noticed them, because we have tried our best to integrate them, so they won't bother you. With TradonoClub, your app will of course be ad free 🚫


A note about our weekly booster donation
We believe that Tradono should be available to everyone. That's why the app will always be free, and it will remain free to put stuff up for sale. If you however want to sell a bit faster, you can buy boosters or be a member of TradonoClub to save money. That means we won't be giving the free weekly booster donation for all Tradonees. We believe it's fair that way - that those who prioritize to pay for selling faster should also experience the benefit from doing just that.  

Unser Treffen mit France: eine echte "Modesüchtige"! 💄👢🙆🏼

Unser Treffen mit France: eine echte "Modesüchtige"! 💄👢🙆🏼

Shopping vs. Umwelt: ein Dilemma? Nicht mit Second Hand ♻️

Shopping vs. Umwelt: ein Dilemma? Nicht mit Second Hand ♻️