"A happy handmade and homemade way of life"

"A happy handmade and homemade way of life"

A 90s girl, born on an avocado farm in the south of Spain, with three dogs and lots of fresh fruit. This is how Sofia Clara describes herself on her blog. After the Spanish experience, at the age of 10, she moves to Switzerland where in 2016 she decides to start working as a freelancer, focusing on her blog. Upcycling, recycling and zero waste are concepts that mean a lot to her and since they mean a lot to us as well, we decided to go to Lausanne and meet this creative blogger. ✨


You are originally British, grew up on a farm in the south of Spain and then eventually moved to Switzerland, where you currently live. How did this mix of cultures influence your life and your mindset?

I think the combination of different environments and cultures that I experienced while growing up means that I’m very happy adapting to most circumstances. I enjoy camping as much as a five star hotel, or an omelet made in a rusty frying pan on the campfire as much as a fantastic gastronomic meal. This has definitely had an impact on the way I live as a freelancer. On months where I make less money, I spend less, travel less and just have to be a little more creative when it comes to outings, meals and new outfits, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll be any less happy. I think it’s all about making the very best of what you’ve got and seeing the beauty in the little things.


Do these different influences have had an impact on your style and sense for fashion as well? How?

I haven’t ever thought of it like that, but I guess this mentality also extends to my style. As much as I like quality pieces, I’m pretty indifferent to branding or price tags. For example, I went to a Burberry party a few months ago all dressed in Burberry and wore a 5 CHF clutch that I bought at a marché aux puces. It got so many compliments throughout the evening.
I like beautiful pieces and I probably like them even more if they have a story behind them.

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What’s the place where you really feel at home?

Any place packed full of memories made with the people I love.


What does it mean to be a young entrepreneur today?

That’s a big question and I’m really just getting started so I’ll probably be able to shed some more light in a few years, but I consider myself to be very lucky to be in the position that I am in today. The digital world in which we live opens up so many opportunities and allows us to make a business out of passion projects. I think it’s crazy that I’m able to make a living from doing only things I love to do. There are obviously tasks I have to do that are less enjoyable, but as a whole, I spend my day doing what I would be doing during my free time and that’s pretty amazing.

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On your Blog we can read that you strive to create a happy and homemade life. Can you give us some examples on how you manage to achieve this goal every day?

I strive to cut out processed food products as much as possible and to personalise my décor at home. Personalising items or making your own food means that you can make things exactly the way you want them or imagine them. I have a bit of a crazy imagination and often have a very precise image of what I’d like something to look like or what I’d like a recipe to taste like before making it. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it really doesn’t, but I love trying and I get so much satisfaction from doing things with my own hands.


Upcycling, recycling and zero waste are concepts that mean a lot to you. How do you integrate them concretely to your life?

Zero waste is a very ambitious objective and is, unfortunately, very far from the lifestyle I live, despite striving to limit my waste as much as possible. But yes, these concepts mean a lot to me. I like the challenge of finding ways to use up leftover food or scraps in new recipes or furniture and decorative pieces that someone doesn’t want. My goal is to encourage people to move away from this “throw-away society” where we overconsume and where so many of the things in our lives are short-lived and disposable. For example, if you make homemade almond milk, you’re left with a fairly tasteless almond meal and I always use it to make scones with half flour, half almond meal. You’re limiting waste, cutting costs and it’s just fun to come up with these ideas.
Aside from the obvious objective to limit waste, I also think there’s so much more charm in a piece of furniture made from an upcycled piece or even a collection of recipes that use up leftovers.


We also read that one of your biggest passion is cooking! Can you share with us some yummy (and hopefully not too difficult 😊) recipes?

This breakfast smoothie is an easy one and I’ve had so many readers write to me telling that they have made it and loved it since I published the video. Plus, you can chop up your overripe bananas and freeze them instead of throwing them away! 🍌



You also like décor projects and things that are made from scratch in general. What’s your craziest DIY project to date?

The craziest DIY has to be this upcycled light fixture which hangs from the ceiling at Le Pointu (the restaurant I opened with a few friends last year). It was made from a piece of wood found in one of the guy’s garages. And my favourite DIY is probably this DIY blanket ladder which replaces that chair that we all have in our bedrooms that we hang worn clothes over. I love that it was 100% upcycled from a garden fence that was going to be thrown away.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?

Everywhere! Pinterest, glossy magazines, fashion blogs or just reading old books and painting my own mental picture of the way someone’s outfit is described. And of course, from the amazing regional bloggers that I’m surrounded by… I love Sarah Quan’s any-thing goes attitude and Elvira Abasova’s often surprisingly casual and very refined style that’s almost always teamed with a touch of extravagance.


How did your style evolve during the years?

Although I’ve always loved fashion and playing around with my personal style, I held back for a long time. As I grow up and my confidence grows, I’m allowing myself to play around a little more and find the things that I feel most myself in.

Verliebt in Herbstmode?🍂🍁🐿

Verliebt in Herbstmode?🍂🍁🐿

Sofia's glückliches DIY Leben

Sofia's glückliches DIY Leben