Our DIY idea for Easter🐣

Our DIY idea for Easter🐣

The landscape is getting greener and more colourful, and finally spring is promising the first warm rays of sunshine. For this year, we decided to create a colourful Easter basket, which you can do super easily, and in no time at all🌷

What you need:

- Small decorative plants

- Indoor deco spray in the colour of your choice (can be found in every do-it-yourself-store)

- Colourful decorative plastic eggs

- Ribbons (in the colours of your choice)

- Green gravel

- Black, fine sand

- Wooden basket (or a plate if you’d prefer)

- A cutter or some sharp scissors

- Old newspaper

First, cut the tops off from each egg, so that you can put the flowers in later.


You can also leave the eggs in their original colour, but since we wanted to have a unique look  we sprayed them with the gold indoor spray. Be careful while you’re spraying, you want the colour on the eggs not the floor (that’s where the newspaper comes in)!

Now you can decorate the basket with the ribbons before filling it. To make sure the gravel doesn’t leak through the basket base we used household paper, but you could also use aluminum foil.

Now the ribbons are attached and the gravel is inside the basket you can start to put in the eggs. To make sure the plants and eggs stay in place we used the black, fine gravel sand. Now you can put the plants inside the eggs and the colourful DIY Easter basket is done!

Unsere DIY Idee passend zu Ostern🐣

Unsere DIY Idee passend zu Ostern🐣

Tradonee des Monats 👸🏽

Tradonee des Monats 👸🏽